Looking for mountains and water, visiting picturesque rivers and mountains

Spring tour

In 2018, the "Spring Tour" of Suzhou ante Cosmetics Co., Ltd. started. On the occasion of spring, all the staff of Suzhou ante went to Anji, Zhejiang Province to enjoy the green water and green mountains and find the warm spring sun.

Singing and laughing all the way

Ante Big family is always full of joy, when you are still thinking about how to integrate, bursts of laughter and songs have already infected you. Listen, all the way out of the window are bursts of singing and laughter.

"See the smoke in the mountains, see the setting sun in the bamboo", the breeze blows, the bamboo forest sways with the wind, the blue waves billow, as if in the vast blue sea, we seem to turn into a pure spirit in the bamboo.

Listen to the hundred waterfalls, the momentum rises

"A thousand feet of shadow in front of the wind of the waterfall, suspecting the Galactic school". Step by step, you can feel the beauty of the shape. Some of them are magnificent, some are delicate and peculiar, the sound of the water is quiet, and the flying beads are flowing jade.

Be grateful for everyone. Because everyone's continuous efforts, with more and more excellent us; Because everyone's hard work, with more and more powerful us; We, the common name of "Suzhou ante", believe in our own strength, but also believe in the strength of "us". Suzhou ante's courage is unstoppable.