Perfect modern laboratory

• Equipped with complete modern precision inspection equipment and instruments

• Have multiple high-level staffs

• Advanced experimental detection technology

Research and development advantage

R & D team

ANTE contracted with highly-skilled experts in cosmetics field to ensure its research ability and technology can always stand on the top of the cosmetics world.

As global professional cosmetics OEM/ODM company, ANTE continually invests in introducing international talents, technology, raw materials and facilities to develop high-effect and stunning products.

Technical Cooperation

To be ready for worldwide high-end clients, ANTE Cosmetics Co., Ltd had been officially cooperated with GiPicco’s, Italy in March 2013, .

GiPicco’s not only transfers the production technology of all kinds of powder products, but also fully support ANTE to developing new formulas / potential products for clients from America, Europe, and Asia markets.

Technical Cooperation


Suzhou Ante Cosmetics Co., Ltd. and Institute of Innovation and Development of Science and Technology signed a joint research center cooperation in 2018, and the establishment work is under tense preparation.

tSuzhou Ante Cosmetics Co., Ltd. and Suzhou University setting up the plan of Postdoctoral workstation which will be soon join intot the school program . While paying attention to our own development, Suzhou Ante Cosmetics Co., Ltd. also carries on the social responsibility that enterprises should have in order to cultivate more talent resources for the country.